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Protecting the Planet

A Legacy of Sustainability

Earth Day as you know it started with an announcement at Airlie — and that’s no coincidence. Rooted in Airlie's proud farming heritage, we feel a special connection to the land, and we work tirelessly to safeguard it every day. Since 1961, our conscious, environmentally friendly practices have placed Airlie solidly at the forefront of sustainable business development and green hospitality.

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A Community Endeavor

Rooted in the vision of Airlie founder Harry C. Groome, Berkshire Farm is our ongoing commitment to reviving the land to its agricultural heritage. Across a stretch of 20 acres, we take pride in harvesting 20,000 pounds of produce annually, which we then serve at Harry’s, share with our community, and donate to local food banks.

Airlie Berkshire Farm
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The Butterfly Garden

On Earth Day 1995, the Peterson Butterfly Garden was dedicated to Roger Tory and Virginia Peterson. Peterson developed the Peterson Identification System for identifying animals, was the author and illustrator of many guides and books, and received a number of awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Today, the garden features 46 varieties of butterfly-attracting plants native to our region.

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Property Bikes

Our convenient village setting means you can park your car and bike around the property — reducing emissions and encouraging a greener environment for our guests, gardens, and farmlands.

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Recycling & Composting

We recycle everything from grease to lamps (and so much more), plus we compost kitchen scraps in our organic garden.

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Certified Wildlife Habitat

Airlie is a National Wildlife Federation "Certified Wildlife Habitat," with buffer zones around lakes and ponds to help our resident species feel at home.