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AU at Airlie

A Legacy of Innovation

For more than half a century, Airlie has welcomed global leaders, heads of state, and diplomats for conferences and programs dedicated to social progress, education, environmental research, and public health. Given as a gift by the Airlie Foundation in 2016, American University was entrusted with the stewardship of this special property. The University’s long-term goal is to carry on Airlie’s history of changemaking, incorporating academic and sustainability initiatives and offering a wide range of cross-disciplinary, experiential learning opportunities.

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On-Site Visits

Visiting Airlie offers a wide range of cross-disciplinary, experiential learning opportunities, bringing the classroom to life.

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Hands-On Learning

Organic gardening, soil and water pesticide testing, farming and livestock tours, beekeeping, and environmental filmmaking are just the beginning.

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Real Experiences

"Before this trip, I had no idea that AU was affiliated with this farm. Knowing this connection has helped me understand how local farms are contributing to the food security issue in their respective towns. I have found that sharing this experience with students not in the class has started a lot of conversations around food security/access. Furthermore, it is good to know what AU is doing outside of just the academic environment!"