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Experiential Meetings at Airlie

Experiential Meetings

Experiential Meetings for Better Engagement

Imagine your group enjoying a rooftop garden-to-glass cocktail party, lakeside pig roast or a gourmet dinner, amidst rows of fragrant herbs in our organic garden. Airlie can make all of this happen and more.

Unique spaces at Airlie

Unique spaces

Rooms with unmistakable character and outdoor spaces, in an inspirational, outdoor setting.

Hyper-local cuisine at Airlie

Hyper-local cuisine

Familiar with farm-to-table? Airlie goes beyond, with ingredients from our own pastures.

Engaging activities at Airlie

Engaging activities

Treat your team to an exceptional Team Building experience that foster team-building, productivity and creativity. In partnership with Verdun, we offer a plethora of activities that will bring your team event to the next level.

Sense of place at Airlie

Sense of place

Stay with us to immerse yourself into Virginia's historic countryside.

Bringing in the Outdoors at Airlie

Bringing in the Outdoors

Every meeting room at Airlie showcases expansive windows opening onto stimulating views. So that barrier between indoors and out, simply disappears. And you're never more than 25 steps from sunlit ponds, dewy pastures, floral breezes, towering trees and birdsong, where every inhalation becomes an inspiration.


Make sure your next meeting location is a perfect fit for your group.