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Green Initiatives at Airlie

Green Initiatives

Protecting the Planet Since 1961

Rooted in Airlie's proud farming heritage, we feel a special connection to the land, and we work tirelessly to safeguard it every day. Our conscious, environmentally-friendly practices have placed Airlie solidly at the forefront of sustainable business development and green hospitality. Below are a dozen initiatives we're fully committed to that help make the world a better, greener place.
Earth day at Airlie

Earth day

The worldwide annual phenomenon to promote sustainability was born here at Airlie.

Our farm at Airlie

Our farm

We raise our own cattle and pigs and grow our own produce for true pasture-to-plate cuisine.

Garden trio at Airlie

Garden trio

Nestled into our 300 scenic acres you'll find stunning formal, organic and butterfly gardens.

Pedal power at Airlie

Pedal power

Our convenient village setting means you can park your car and bike around the property.

Wildlife Habitat at Airlie

Wildlife Habitat

Airlie is a National Wildlife Federation "Certified Wildlife Habitat" with buffer zones around lakes and ponds to help our resident species feel at home.

Recycling & Composting at Airlie

Recycling & Composting

We recycle everything from grease to lamps (and so much more), plus we compost kitchen scraps in our organic garden.

Water Conservation at Airlie

Water Conservation

We provide guests with the opportunity to use the same towels and bed linens for the duration of their stay to save water.

Efficient Lighting at Airlie

Efficient Lighting

We've converted nearly all property-wide lighting to compact florescent or LED technologies to save energy.

Clean Cars at Airlie

Clean Cars

We maintain a fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles for staff and offer complimentary charging stations for guests in our main parking lot.

Green Team at Airlie

Green Team

This dedicated crew conducts regular audits to ensure Airlie's environmental standards are maintained and employees are up to date on best practices.

LEED Certification at Airlie

LEED Certification

Our LEED-certified Pavilion was also recognized for the rigorous environmentally-friendly construction practices used in its renovation.

Off-Grid Office at Airlie

Off-Grid Office

Our farm office runs on 100% solar power—with geothermal a/c, radiant floor heating and enough battery storage to go four days without sun.