Airlie's Organic Garden

Farm to Table

Founded in 1998, Airlie's organic garden is the most delicious aspect of our commitment to the environment. Centered around our four-acre organic garden, we commit to reduce the number of miles food travels from field to table, provide the best ingredients possible for our kitchens, support local family-run farms, and educate visitors about sustainable agriculture.

Our chefs and gardeners work closely together to plan crops around the seasonal menus prepared in our kitchen. A passive solar hoop house in the garden enables us to enjoy fresh produce year-round. You can enjoy the fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers grown in our garden at Harry's, via Gourmet On-Demand, or as part of a special event catered by our culinary team. Learn more about Airlie's organic garden and what's in season by joining us for a tour. You can also learn about upcoming food events in our kitchens and garden by signing up for our e-newsletter.