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Dining at Airlie


Pasture-to-plate Dining? Yes, Please.

Treat yourself to true Northern Virginia farm-to-table cuisine at Airlie. Where in-season produce comes right from the soil - not a supplier. And the freshest cuts of beef and pork come direct from our pastures, not a purveyor.

Harry's at Airlie


Our signature restaurant focuses on hyper-local flavors.

Airlie Dining Room NY

Airlie Dining Room

Explore pasture-to-plate cuisine buffet, with a side of lake and garden views.

Special events at Airlie

Special events

Let the Airlie team take care of your holidays and special events.

Stroll Through Our Organic Garden at Airlie

Stroll Through Our Organic Garden

Whether you'd like to see the source of the herbs for your meal or an aspiring green thumb who dreams of lush flowers, you'll enjoy touring our four-acre organic garden. Get an insider's view of what's in season and at the peak of flavor.

Life On the Farm

Discover all the freshest flavors coming from our rolling farmlands and pastures.