Exceptional Warrenton Dining

Restaurants at Airlie

Working closely to plan crops and harvests with the expert gardeners in Airlie's organic garden and Airlie Berkshire Farm, our culinary team prepares menus that highlight ingredients grown in our own backyard. Focusing on the best of what's in season makes for exciting menus that always offer something new.

Experience a fresh approach at Harry's, our new restaurant, featuring menu items curated from the season's best ingredients. Offering lakeside dining, complimentary valet parking, and a variety of craft cocktails, draft beer, and wines, Harry's is unique in both menu and setting.

Our culinary team specializes in private dining and catering for special events. To start planning for your next event, please submit a Request for Proposal. 

Contact Information
Airlie Dining Room: 540-341-3299
Harry's: 540-428-7156