Learn to use yoga techniques to reduce stress

Through yoga poses, breathing and meditation, you will learn ways to bring the mindfulness, peace, flexibility and alignment gained from yoga into your daily life. This class is suitable for both new and experienced people. 

$100/one-hour session for up to 4 people, $25 each additional person. Mats are provided. Gentle and flow approaches to yoga are also available. 

Yoga is also offered as a team-building exercise. Call 800-288-9573 or email sales@airlie.com for more information.

Classes are taught by Unyong Kim, a certified yoga instructor and graduate of St. John’s College and Naropa University. Unyong developed the Yoga and Stress Management team building program and has been teaching her unique approach to yoga for over nine years. Her past students have included executives and professionals from a variety of organizations through Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. Unyong’s technical skill and ability to teach yoga in an accessible way bring an enthusiasm and creative spirit to all of her classes.