Explore Airlie's Organic Garden

An Adventure in Agriculture

Since 1998, Airlie's four-acre organic garden has supplied fresh produce for our kitchens while also educating guests about sustainable agriculture and local food systems. We are pleased to offer frequent educational tours of the garden that are fun for all ages. See what's in season, learn how your food is grown, and discover fresh flavors with our master gardeners.

Airlie garden tours cover the basics of organic gardening and offer a look inside our greenhouse, which supplies our Warrenton hotel kitchen year-round. You'll also get tips on growing your own fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers at home from our experts. Airlie gardens are also home to an apiary of "Enviro-bees," a colony of honeybees that provide honey for our kitchen, pollination for our crops, and the opportunity to conduct vital research on local Piedmont bee populations.

Airlie organic garden tours are a perfect way for groups or families to take a break in the great outdoors. Al fresco tastings of appetizers prepared with organic ingredients from our gardens served with local wine can also be arranged for groups. To schedule a group Airlie garden tour, please submit an RFP.