Airlie's Environmental Initiatives

A Pioneer in Sustainable Practices

Airlie is a pioneer among green conference centers and environmentally friendly hotels in the United States. Founded with the vision of creating a facility that positively impacts its environment rather than causing a strain, every operational and developmental decision at Airlie has been made with the health of our local and global ecosystem in mind. From composting food waste to create fertilizer for our organic garden to hosting a series of annual workshops and conferences dedicated to environmental causes, Airlie continues to be a model for sustainable development and has been recognized as one of the leading green conference centers in the world.

The Airlie Environmental Policy

As an environmentally friendly hotel and conference center, we hold ourselves responsible for the environmental impact of all aspects of its operation. Airlie is committed to:

  • Minimizing the effects of its operations on the environment by encouraging reduction, reuse and recycling in all of the Center’s activities.
  • Maintaining the grounds and buildings in an environmentally sensitive way, supporting responsible land stewardship through the protection of local, natural habitats and preservation of biological diversity.
  • Educating employees to be environmentally conscious and encouraging responsible use and conservation of resources throughout the organization, including energy and water conservation.
  • Integrating responsible environmental practices into business operations by establishing goals, measuring progress and reporting performance through the implementation of a comprehensive environmental management plan.
  • Working with other recognized environmental organizations to promote and support environmental education, research and policy making.